The period after childbirth is not easy and mothers need all the care they could get during this time of healing. Moms could suffer from pain and muscle aches, which could be soothed by taking sitz bath soaks.

Benefits Of Sitz Baths After Childbirth

  1. Soothe Your Postpartum Perineal Pain - Experiencing pain in your perineal area after giving birth is natural, but that does not mean you just have to sit around and endure it. Taking a sitz bath with warm water and Epsom salts could help reduce the ache that is caused by swelling muscles or tears. After all, the perineum area experienced quite a stretch during a baby’s delivery and it could take some time to heal and be back in shape. During this period, having a sitz bath would be extremely helpful.
  1. Cure Hemorrhoids - The tear from childbirth could also cause hemorrhoids, which are described as the swelling of veins in the rectum. Hemorrhoids are another source of discomfort to mothers in addition to the other aches and pains from giving birth. Besides relieving the pain and itchiness, it could also help heal hemorrhoids faster. 
  1. Easy Perineal Cleansing - Moving around can be challenging for moms after giving birth. Not only are they experiencing perineal pains, but their body could also be aching all over. In many cases, mothers who went through difficult labor could not bend down as it brings extreme pain or could risk opening some wounds. 

This is when a sitz bath becomes a blessing as mothers would not need to move and bend a lot just to take it. They can clean their private areas by simply sitting down and soaking, and the experience could be relaxing at the same time.

Preparing A Sitz Bath

Including sitz baths in a mom’s after-childbirth self-care routine is a good idea not only because of the benefits of a sitz bath but also because it is very easy and quick to prepare. A sitz bath fits in your toilet seat so moms could just sit comfortably while soaking. Sitz baths are also shallow enough to be filled with either warm or cold water, whichever feels more comfortable and soothing.

Once the sitz bath is properly placed and filled, you can also indulge in a sitz soak made from natural ingredients and Epsom salts. This amplifies the relaxing and healing effect of sitz baths to the aches, tears, and itchiness.


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