On each side of the vaginal opening are glands known as Bartholin's glands. They are responsible secreting liquid that lubricates the vagina. However, sometimes, that isn't what happens at all. Instead, the glands become obstructed, which causes them to swell and hurt.

Relief When You Need It Most

Typically, only one gland will be infected at a time, but that doesn't make anything much better. You're going to want relief whenever an issue arises, whether that's after childbirth or some other time. It is recommended that you see a doctor if the pain is severe, the lump doesn't go away after two to three days, or you are over 40. As for the latter, that is because a painful lump could be an indicator of something worse, cancer. Self-care should be performed initially, so for the first two to three days after a swollen gland enters the picture, sitz bath soaks will be necessary.

There are different benefits to taking this approach, especially when Soothic's Soak is involved. The product contains the essential oil Dukane Kunzea. It is TGA approved in Australia and is known for its ability to reduce inflammation. So, take sitz bath soaks with Soothic's Soak to ease discomfort associated with obstructed Bartholin's glands.

Cleansing And Nourishing

The vaginal gland swelling is called a Bartholin cyst. When the fluid inside the cyst gets infected, it then becomes an abscess. In layman's terms, that is puss surrounded by inflammed tissue. The treatment for a cyst varies depending on how big or painful it is. Whether or not the cyst is infected will determine how it's treated as well. Therefore, why not take a proactive approach to keep infection at bay. Soothic's Soak is a cleansing and nourishing formula that people elect to use to ensure their nether regions remain clean and healthy.

Some Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you now have a little better understanding of sitz baths and how you can benefit from them when a Bartholin cyst enters the picture. Thus, the next time a vaginal gland gets obstructed and swells, remember what you've learned. Then, spring into action and use the knowledge to combat symptoms and get relief.


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