People of all ages could experience having anal fissures. In fact, it is a problem that’s more common than you think so discussing its causes and effects, and knowing how to deal with it is very important. For starters, you could prepare your own sitz soak at home in quick and easy steps for instant relief.

How Sitz Baths Can Help

Sitz baths are extremely helpful when dealing with anal fissures. A sitz bath is a small tub that is designed to fit your toilet so you could comfortably dip your perineum in warm water, which helps provide relief from pain, burns, and itchiness. When preparing a sitz bath, you could also use your regular tub or a clean basin as a temporary alternative. Make sure that the warm water is comfortable enough to your touch, otherwise, a too-hot or too-cold tub could bring you more discomfort.

Choosing a sitz bath salt is also a must. The Soothic Sitz Bath Salt is specially made to address the distressing effects of anal fissures and other similar conditions like hemorrhoids, post-partum stress, and various perineum problems. Soaking in your sitz Epsom salt bath regularly could help you overcome your anal fissure problems quickly.

Causes Of Anal Fissures

Anal fissures are tears near the anus. Many things could cause this to happen, such as the passing of hard stools, childbirth, constipation, penetration during intercourse, straining, and diseases or illnesses. Needless to say, the tears could bring pain and discomfort, and could even lead to some mild bleeding. These are also the common signs or symptoms that let you know if you have anal fissures.

The moment you experience pain during and after every bowel movement, and if there is a small amount of blood on the toilet, it is best to go to your doctor and confirm it so you could prepare for the next steps in treating it.

Hemorrhoids VS Anal Fissures

It is easy to confuse hemorrhoids with anal fissures given that they are in the same area, require almost the same treatment, and have similar causes, and similar symptoms that lead to discomfort. However, these two are different from each other. Hemorrhoids are swollen veins or blood vessels in the anus that could bring constant pain throughout the day whereas anal fissures are tears on the tissue and only causes pain during bowel movement.


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