HOW CAN WE BUY THIS PRODUCT, type in magnesium sitz bath soak on and look for our jar ( or the brand name soothic) 

Can your bath soak relieve vaginal bruising and inflammation? YES

Can it help prevent infections after my episiotomy? YES 

Can this bath soak help with my 3rd-degree or 4th-degree tear after childbirth? YES

Can this bath soak help with yeast Infections post-birth? YES

Can this be used effectively for swollen feet during pregnancy YES

How does your bath soak help prevent infections? Ducane Kunzea essential oils has some amazing benefits - best to read the TGA report and the science backing this up..

Can this be used with stitches? YES

Is this product safe for eczema-prone skin conditions? YES, but always check with your doctor or test a small section first, what works for one person might not work for others.

Can it relieve my vaginal bruising and inflammation? YES, ducane kunzea has very high anti-inflammatory properties and other science backed benefits

Is this bath soak safe to use on open wounds? YES, 2 scoops per 2 litres of water. 

Is this product safe to use on my hemorrhoid's while pregnant? YES, but always check with your physician (doctor) first if unsure.

BROKEN SEAL  : If the silver seal is broken, can this bath soak still be safely used? YES,  we only added the seal for extra protection for when being shipped.
If the seal arrives broken, will soothic replace the jar for free? YES

Do essential oils EXPIRE? In short, YES but it can can take a long time (2-4yrs) and it depends on the oil type and other factors. (Like) Oxygen, Heat and Light. So storage is important. 

Does magnesium Sulfate have an EXPIRY DATE? NO.. 

Is magnesium sulfate a salt? NO 

HOW CAN WE BUY THIS PRODUCT, type in magnesium sitz bath soak on and look for our jar ( or the name soothic)