Whether you’ve recently given birth or are preparing for your big day, any new mama will tell you healing after delivering your baby is no joke. Alongside caring for your newborn, your body goes through one of the most difficult recovery periods it will ever experience. Moms really are superheroes, aren’t they?


But healing isn’t always straightforward. Your vagina and perineum are fragile, vulnerable and susceptible to infection after giving birth which requires a different type of healing treatment than you may be used to. It has to be natural, gentle and proven to work. This is where sitz baths come in - your best friend postpartum. But what types of postpartum issues can sitz baths help with? Keep reading on to find out.


Sitz bath postpartum: Vaginal inflammation


No matter what type of birth you had, you’re probably feeling very sore down below. Whether you experienced cuts, tears or an episiotomy during the birthing process, your body is likely in a very fragile state as you recover from such a dramatic event. You may be experiencing general soreness as your insides revert back to a pre-pregnancy state or could also be dealing with lots of discomfort from tears or cuts that required stitches. No matter the situation - your bits need extra love and care during this time.


Prioritizing your healing is one of the most important and neglected elements of the fourth trimester. Not giving your body the attention it deserves after birth can result in complications - that’s why you’ve got to take your healing seriously. While time will eventually heal all, there are things you can do in the meantime to speed up the healing process and keep you clean and free from infection. Most notably? Sitz baths!


Sitz baths are great for vaginal inflammation and recovering during the postpartum period. As the fresh, warm water soothes your perineum, this promotes relaxation and healing. Sitz baths are also helpful when it comes to any itchiness or soreness experienced in and around your vagina after childbirth. Given how sensitive your nether regions are after delivering your baby, sitz baths are a gentle and natural treatment for healing any trauma and treating vaginal inflammation. They also give you some much-needed time to yourself in those busy days postpartum! There’s no better postpartum bath than a sitz bath.


Sitz bath postpartum: Thrush Treatment


Many women experience thrush during the postpartum period. This can result from antibiotic use, hormonal changes and general vaginal changes after giving birth. Thrush is a yeast infection that can affect the vagina and the skin. While it’s not a life-threatening issue, thrush can be incredibly uncomfortable at any stage, especially when your body is trying to heal after delivering your baby.


While you may have treated thrush with over-the-counter anti-fungal medications like creams and gels previously, a gentler approach is usually recommended postpartum to avoid the risk of infection. While things down below are certainly *different* during the healing process, you shouldn’t have to deal with thrush on top of everything else you’re going through. It’s just not fun! Common signs that you’re dealing with thrush include:


  • White vaginal discharge that doesn’t smell of anything or has a slight bread odor
  • Discharge resembling cottage cheese
  • Itching, pain and irritation around the vagina
  • Soreness when you urinate
  • Stinging when you urinate


While it may be difficult to tell if you have thrush given the similarity in symptoms to general postpartum healing, it’s always best to seek medical advice just to be sure. Given your vagina is at increased risk of infection during the fourth trimester, it’s important to treat thrush with gentle methods that won’t compromise the other healing going down below. But if you can’t use creams and gels, what can you use instead? Enter: sitz baths!


Sitz baths can be incredibly helpful for relieving the itching and swelling that comes with thrush. Since things down below are extra fragile and sensitive during the postpartum period, sitz baths are the solution for obtaining relief without having to worry about irritation. Even better, when coupled with our sitz bath soak, the healing process is elevated as the essential oils and Epsom salt act as anti-fungal and antibacterial agents for gently treating the infection.


Avoid irritating creams and opt for a sitz bath instead when battling thrush postpartum. Your bits will thank you!


Sitz bath postpartum: Constipation


There’s nothing quite like your first poo postpartum. It’s equally terrifying and relieving at the same time. While you may be desperate for that first poo after giving birth, you may be scared that everything will simply fall apart! Alas, it’s usually fine and makes you feel ten times better to get it all out. But then you may find yourself dealing with another postpartum wonder - constipation. Wahoo!


Postpartum constipation is incredibly common but also very uncomfortable and annoying. Some of the causes of postpartum constipation include painful tears or episiotomies, hormones, hemorrhoids and damage to your anal sphincter during the birthing process. As your digestive system slowly returns to normal while your body heals, your constipation should gradually get better with time. So what can you do to help your constipation in the meantime?


Drink water! Whether you’re breastfeeding or not, new mamas need as much water as they can get! Drinking water helps loosen your stools and can help alleviate constipation. It’s also recommended to eat foods rich in fiber like fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Alongside eating a healthy diet and getting plenty of fluids, there is also another postpartum tip for tackling constipation: sitz baths!


The warm water in sitz baths increases blood flow to your anal tissues which can help relax the rectum, thus making pooping easier. Using sitz baths can also help you avoid developing further tissue tears or straining which can make constipation worse. There’s a reason why medical professionals recommend warm baths for babies struggling with constipation - it helps loosen things up! The same goes for postpartum mamas.


While you probably don’t have the time to draw yourself a nice, warm bath (one can only dream!) sitz baths are a great alternative for tackling your postpartum constipation issues without wasting time you don’t have in the set-up process. Simply place our sitz bath directly on your toilet seat, fill it with warm water and bam! You’re ready to go. Try to have two to three sitz baths a day to really attack your postpartum constipation woes.


Sitz bath postpartum


If you’re looking to tackle common postpartum issues and enhance your healing journey, it’s time to invest in a sitz bath. Our best-selling sitz bath is comfortable, convenient and can be used and discarded within seconds. Give your body the love and care it deserves postpartum and buy our sitz bath and sitz bath soak today. You deserve only the best, mama. You deserve Soothic.