After having a baby, it is normal to experience sore and irritated skin, stitches after an episiotomy, and hemorrhoids. A postpartum sitz bath can be a valuable tool to use for postpartum recovery and relief.

What Is A Sitz Bath?

A sitz bath is simply a basin filled with warm water. They are helpful for cleaning and treating wounds in the private areas around your genitals and anus. If you have recently had a baby, your doctor may even recommend a sitz bath for your postpartum care.

A sitz bath soaks the perineal, anal, and genital area, providing some relief in the case of pain, swelling, and soreness. It will bring blood flow to the area and help relax your muscles.

How To Do A Postpartum Sitz Bath Soak

Now that you know how beneficial a sitz bath soak can be for relief after an episiotomy, let's take a look at the proper way to do one.

Waiting Period

You want to wait at least three days after giving birth to do a sitz bath. Avoid using hot water and use enough water to cover the entire vaginal area. Use your sitz bath for ten to twenty minutes, up to three times a day. When done, pat the area dry gently or let it air dry if it is still sore. Your doctor may also recommend using Epsom salts in your sitz bath for even more relief.

Clean The Area

Before starting, you want to make sure the area is clean. After delivery, you will bleed for four to six weeks, and you may be sensitive to toilet paper, making it harder to keep the area clean. When you have stitches, you also have to make sure to give the skin time to heal. When you find it hard to wipe, a warm sitz bath can help greatly.

Soothing A Sore Perineum

After having a baby, you may also experience swelling and soreness in the perineum and vulva area. Your stitches and tears can also make the area extremely tender. A warm sitz bath can help soothe the skin and provide pain relief. However, studies have also shown a cool sitz bath can have the same effect.

As you can see, taking the time out for self-care after becoming a new mother is important. A sitz bath soak with the Soothic Sitz bath and Epsom salt can go a long way to relieve the pain and swelling you will experience after an episiotomy.


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