Congratulations are in order if you just gave birth or are on the verge of it. Motherhood is truly something special, but that may not be exactly what you think immediately after bringing a life into this world. That's because you could be achy and sore in places you never thought imaginable.

Is There A Solution?

Be sure to follow the instructions given to you by the hospital or doctor for postpartum self-care. That will ensure you properly care for your nether regions following childbirth and help things get back into top form promptly. The steps called for will likely vary from one firm to the next. However, sitz baths are items that are sure to pop up again and again. Many people even consider them essential when it comes to postpartum care.

There are different reasons why, but often, it is simply because the baths reduce itching and provide pain relief. Meanwhile, others are all about the soakings because they're hygienic. They help them keep the perineum or area between the genitals and the coccyx, including the anus, clean. Sitz baths can be taken in bathtubs. There may be a more effective solution, though.

Soothic Sitz Bath

The answer is a device that fits elongated or round toilet bowls and seats. It also works on most RV commodes. The Soothic Sitz Bath is the solution being spoken of. It gives the user a secure area to sit and soak the affected area. Moms can't be down for the count, not with newborns on their hands. So, if you fall into that category, consider adding the soakings to your postpartum self-care routine. The Soothic product will make easy work of the baths, so why would you go with any other option?

Should You Use A Bath Soak?

The postpartum instructions you were given may say to add an Epsom salt supplement to the water. But if yours aren't clear, or you don't have any aftercare directions, the choice is up to you. There are many pros to using a magnesium-based option. For instance, it will nourish and cleanse the affected area. In addition, it will also reduce inflammation, making things feel better down there.

Postpartum self-care comes in different shapes and sizes. Although some things vary, most routines will call for you to give yourself a sitz bath now and again. After cleansing in such a way, you'll quickly discover what the fuss is about yourself.


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