Everyone deals with constipation from time to time but not many know how to properly deal with it. The good news is that you could find ways to ease your constipation woes from the comfort of your home, like having a good and relaxing sitz bath regularly. How exactly can sitz baths help?

How Sitz Baths Help With Constipation

Sitz baths are now notoriously known to help you deal with perineum problems like anal fissures, hemorrhoids, and post-partum problems. However, unlike the others, constipation is more focused on problems with bowel movement. So how can sitz bath soaks help when you are feeling constipated?

Firstly, sitz baths promote relaxation. In fact, you could take sitz baths even if you are free from any general perineum discomfort. With that said, warm water combined with sitz bath soaks could help your rectum relax as the sitz bath encourages blood flow to your tissues. This makes releasing easier and pain-free. With that said, the sitz soaks could prevent hemorrhoids and anal fissures too as it reduces the strain on your muscles. So not only are you helping yourself deal with constipation, but you are also preventing it and other problems from happening!

How To Prepare A Sitz Bath

Others have doubts about taking sitz baths thinking that the preparation steps are complicated. On the contrary, it is just as easy as your other bathtime routines! All you need is a sitz bath, sitz soaks or Epsom salts, and warm water. If you do not have a sitz tub yet, you could use a clean wash basin or your regular tub with shallow water.

Next. just mix your sitz bath salts in the warm water and then you can start sitting soaking your perineum for 10 to 15 minutes. Afterward, pat yourself dry with a clean towel gently. Doing this regularly is a good practice and helps you deal with constipation faster. For constipation, having a sitz bath twice a day or around the times during your bowel movement would be ideal.

How To Avoid Constipation

Constipation gives you irregular and difficult bowel movements that can be caused by indigestion, lack of fluids, or by delaying it. You could prevent this from happening by eating more fibrous foods like fruits and vegetables, drinking plenty of water, doing regular body exercises, and of course, regular sitz baths for muscle relaxation.


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