There's a reason why so many mamas use the term "fourth trimester" when talking about the postpartum period. Those early weeks after childbirth are for getting to know your little one; they are also about healing from the inside out. Your body has just done one of the most remarkable things ever. It has grown a baby - from every last eyelash to toe, and then acted as a vessel and brought them into the world. Now is the time to treat your body with love and care it deserves and prioritize your healing journey so you can quickly recover.


Whether you've experienced vaginal tears or are looking to keep your perineum clean from infection and stinging, sitz baths are a great way to enhance your postpartum healing journey. Sitz baths provide ample benefits for mothers postpartum and are a proven way to alleviate common issues like hemorrhoids, tears, soreness and more. But how should you make a sitz bath, and which soak is best? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about choosing the best sitz bath and soak for those early days postpartum.


What is a sitz bath?


When most people think of the term "bath", they think of a big bathtub filled with lots of suds, bubble bath and water. On the other hand, Sitz baths are small pools of water designed to clean the perineum and anus. Sitz baths are most commonly used to relieve the genital area from issues like itching, irritation, postpartum relief, hemorrhoids and more. They are portable and are easy to set up and use.


You can take a sitz bath in a bathtub; most women find them more comfortable in a portable seat which you place over a toilet bowl or toilet seat. This is the easiest and most time-effective way of cleansing your private bits without all the extra fuss.


How does a sitz bath work?


Your portable sitz bath should be placed on top of your toilet seat or on top of your toilet bowl; simply fill it with warm water. The great thing about using a portable sitz bath is that it retains heat much better than a bathtub, so you won't have to worry about your bath becoming cold quickly. You can then choose to use water only or add a sitz bath soak for even better results. Suppose you decide to add a sitz bath soak to your bath. Choosing a sitz bath soak that uses quality natural ingredients like ducane kunzea, fragonia, lemongrass, geranium, lavender, magnesium epsom salt is essential.


Once you've prepped your bath, sit on the seat, submerging your bottom and hips in the water. You can do this 2-3 times daily for up to 15 minutes, depending on your requirements. Next, relax! Use this time to meditate, check your phone, or simply stare into space if that's more your thing. The great thing about a sitz bath is that minimal work is involved to yield great results.


How can sitz baths help with postpartum healing?


If you're expecting a little one or are in the postpartum stage, you may have heard that sitz baths work wonders for your bits. That's because they stimulate blood flow to the perineum, which helps reduce swelling and inflammation after childbirth. This can soothe any soreness felt after delivery and helps speed up recovery.


Sitz baths can relieve any stinging or itchiness that comes with vaginal stitches or tears after childbirth. All your postpartum healing needs below can be assisted with a sitz bath. There's no reason not to try one - even if it means just getting 15 minutes alone to yourself!


What else do sitz baths help with?


Every woman knows that the postpartum period involves much more than caring for their newborn. This is a critical time for mothers to heal and treat their bodies with compassion and care. Alongside tears and stitches experienced during delivery, women also experience postpartum bleeding, hemorrhoids and more. Childbirth is one of the most remarkable things a female body will go through, and taking time to heal is imperative. Even more, the healing process can vary from woman to woman. That's why sitz baths are so helpful during the postpartum period - they help a long list of things, including:


  • Diarrhoea
  • Constipation
  • Haemorrhoids
  • Relief from soreness, itching and burning
  • Inflammation
  • Prevent infection by keeping the premium clean
  • Soothe stitches
  • Relax muscles which can help relieve pain caused by tearing
  • Anal fissures
  • Cysts


Which sitz bath soak is best?


While sitz baths can be made using just water with great success, they can also be enhanced by the use of a sitz bath soak. While there are various soaks available for purchase, it's best to choose one from a reputable company that's specifically designed for mothers in the postpartum period. This Soothic sitz bath soak was designed explicitly for mamas by mamas who know the struggles of postpartum healing all too well. Made pure Australian essential oils, this sitz bath soak contains the best natural ingredients for postpartum recoveries like magnesium, lemongrass, magnesium, Epsom salt and essential oils. Even better, there are no phthalates, parabens, caking agents or palm oil - a common concern for other sitz bath soaks on the market which can cause more harm than good.


Since you're prone to infection and other ailments after childbirth, it's essential only to use products that will help you heal instead of ones that can cause irritation and discomfort. This Soothic sitz bath soak has been infused with TGA-approved and science-backed Tasmanian Ducane kunzea, which helps clean your lady bits without causing drying or affecting the skin's natural acid mantle. Ducane Kunzea helps with muscle pain, aches, and soreness and may help reduce inflammation.


Prioritize your postpartum healing journey with sitz baths


If you're looking for ways to enhance your postpartum healing journey, look no further than sitz baths. Sitz baths are a great way to alleviate common issues alongside childbirth and help your bits heal quickly and effectively. They also let you have 15 minutes of peace in the bathroom by yourself! If you're looking for the best portable sitz bath, why not try our portable sitz bath? Because, let's be honest - who has time to draw a long bath when caring for a newborn? Make sure you pair it with our best-selling sitz bath soak for even better results. Give your body the love and care it deserves, and invest in a sitz bath for all your postpartum needs.