While a sitz bath can be taken in a standard bathtub, it’s much better experienced in a sitz bathtub created specifically for taking sitz baths. A sitz bathtub is simple to use.

First and foremost, a sitz bathtub is a small basin that attaches to the back of a standard toilet bowl. On the back of the small basin are a series of holes, which allow any water overflow to move right into the toilet so bathers don’t have to worry about making a mess when they lower themselves into their bath. The seat is comfortable and pressure-free, and the water may be emptied by simply tipping the water into the toilet when the sitz bath is finished.

After each sitz bath, taking care of the bathtub basin is simple. Washing with a mild soap is all that is required, and after a quick dry with a towel the tub can be stored in a bathroom closet, under the sink, or in any convenient location. A sitz bathtub is not cumbersome or large, making it simple to maneuver, wash, and store when not in use.

Where Can I Find A Sitz Bathtub?

Finding a sitz bathtub is easy. They can often be found at big box retailers and pharmacies, or with online retailers like Amazon. Typically, a big box retailer or pharmacy will have a limited selection of sitz baths, so you may not always find the size or the shape you’re looking for. Online retailers like Amazon will have sitz bath options that work for home and camping toilets, have a shape that relieves pressure, and provide privacy and convenience in shopping from home.

A sitz tub is not a one-use item. Bathers can use their sitz bathtub, rinse and wash the tub with warm soapy water, dry the tub, and store for next use. A sitz tub is small in size and highly portable, so it can be stored safely and discreetly between uses no matter the size of your space. A high quality sitz bath can last for some time before bathers should consider replacing their portable unit.

Sitz baths in a sitz tub can provide soothing, comfort, and relief for postpartum mothers, pregnant mothers-to-be, or those with hemorrhoids or other conditions, however they can simply be enjoyed as well. Taking a sitz bath with a sitz soak is a great way to refresh and soothe the bottom area for any reason.

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