Bartholin glands are located on both sides of the vaginal opening. The glands secrete a fluid that lubricates the vagina. However, these glands can become obstructed. When this happens, the fluid backs up into the glands, causing a cyst that comes alongside pain and swelling in the area.

Bartholin cysts or abscesses are relatively common, and the treatment often depends on the size of the cyst and how painful the infection is. In many cases, home treatment is all you really need.

Symptoms Of A Bartholin Cyst

If you suspect a Bartholin cyst, you may be experiencing several symptoms, including a painful lump near the vaginal opening, discomfort when walking or sitting, pain during intercourse, and a fever.

Sitz Bath For Bartholin Cysts

One of the more recommended home treatment options for Bartholin cysts is a warm sitz bath. When you soak in a basin of warm water several times a day for a few days in a row can help an infected cyst rupture and drain on its own, providing much-needed pain relief to the area.

Since the sitz bath can help reduce pain and swelling associated with Bartholin cysts, you should prepare your bath with warm water and mix in a spoon of Epsom salt. These cysts typically develop over two to four days and can become larger than 8 cm. Using a sitz bath consistently, you can expect it to rupture and drain after four to five days.

The Soothic Sitz Bath is a good choice and will fit nicely on various toilet seat shapes, so you can find the relief you need more easily and conveniently.

Apply A Warm Compress

The Epsom salt can effectively dry out the pus, which can cause the boil to drain. In addition to the sitz bath, you can also dissolve some Epsom salt in warm water, soak a compress in the solution, and apply the compress to the affected area for twenty minutes at a time.

Applying any kind of warm compress to the affected area can also help relieve any pain or swelling you may be experiencing. The warm compress also opens the Bartholin glands, helping them drain as they should.

These at-home remedies for Bartholin cysts can help with discomfort, pain, and swelling. There is a good chance these cysts will resolve on their own without medical treatment. However, if it becomes too painful and the home remedies we described do not work, you want to contact your healthcare provider immediately.


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