A sitz bath is something that is recommended to many new moms by their care teams after giving birth. The science behind the sitz bath is that the warm water can help to soothe and comfort the areas put through the most stress during the birthing process, thus giving new moms a way to relax comfortably in those crucial weeks after birth. Importantly sitz baths help keep the perineal area clean thus helping mitigate the risk of infection especially if you have a tear or stitches after birth.


Online Is A New Way To Get The Best Sitz Bath


If parents are wondering where to buy a sitz bath, online shopping is the way to go. Whether it’s a first child, or a sibling, taking care of a new baby takes up a lot of time. Not only is it a busy time, but those relaxed moments that parents do have can be spent doing many things other than running out to a store to pick out a sitz bath to keep at home. Online shopping gives parents a way to find where to buy a sitz bath, make their purchase, and then enjoy the product without missing a beat of family time.


Can I Use A Sitz Bath If I Only Have A Shower?


A common misconception that many new parents have is that they need a full tub to take a sitz bath. While it’s possible to take a sitz bath in a full-sized bathtub, this isn’t the easiest or most convenient route to take.


Sitz bath units can be placed directly on the toilet bowl or seat, so new moms can enjoy all the soothing relief without wasting water in a large tub, without trying to get in and out of a bathtub while in pain, and without having to wait for the tub to fill. This also means a Sitz Bath is still possible for those who have only a shower stall in their homes, and for those with smaller spaces as a sitz bath unit is compact and easy to store.


Simply place the sitz bath on the toilet bowl or seat, fill the bath with warm soothing water, enjoy the sitz bath, and gently tip the water through the back holes in the unit to empty into the toilet bowl when you’re finished. To clean the sitz bath, a quick wash with warm soapy water and a towel dry or wiping thoroughly with antiseptic wipes leaves the unit fresh and ready to use again. When not in use, the sitz bath unit can be stored vertically against a wall in a closet or under a sink.


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