Dealing with problems down under can leave you feeling embarrassed and isolated. Since the topics of hemorrhoids and anal fissures aren’t exactly dinner party material, it can be difficult to know the best methods of healing and make you feel like you’re the only one dealing with such conditions. But did you know that nearly 75% of people experience hemroids at least once in their lifetime? Did you also know that approximately 90% of first-time mothers experience a tear, graze or episiotomy when giving birth vaginally? So fear not! You aren’t alone. And while you may not feel comfortable divulging all your bottom’s needs over a coffee with a friend, we are! We’re the authority on all things recovery and are here to help you heal.


If you’re wondering how to soothe and heal hemorrhoids, anal fissures, postpartum injuries, period pain and prostate soreness, we have two words for you: sitz baths. Sitz baths are liquid gold when it comes to alleviating common issues found below. But what exactly are sitz baths and how can they benefit you? Keep reading on to find out more.


History of sitz baths


Healing bottoms since 1842, there’s a reason why sitz baths have remained popular throughout history. Sitz baths can be traced back to the 1800s as a way to alleviate lower abdomen pain. As people started figuring out these baths encouraged blood vessels to contract, they quickly became a treatment for a wide variety of conditions including congestion issues, constipation, liver damage and more. Users used to wrap themselves with sheets and towels before submerging themselves in a bath filled with water. Pretty crazy, right?


Sitz and hip baths quickly became a popular custom throughout Europe and started being widely recommended by doctors and other health practitioners as a way to soothe and heal issues such as hemorroides, anal fissures, and childbirth-related injuries. The good news is that we’ve come a long way from relying on linen in the tub and have much more convenient methods of assembling and enjoying sitz baths nowadays. No towels required!


Sitz baths today


You’ll be pleased to hear that sitz baths are nothing like the laundry nightmare of the past and are now easy to assemble and relax in. While some people still create sitz baths in the bathtub, the majority of people prefer to use a portable sitz bath that can be placed directly on a toilet seat or bowl for ease of use. Leading baths such as Soothic’s sitz bath fit elongated, round or oval-shaped toilet bowls so you can rest assured it will fit your toilet seat. Portable sitz baths also keep warm water warm as opposed to bathtubs that become cold quickly and feature sloped sides so only your bits are submerged in water. Long gone are the days of having to run a full-on bath to enjoy the benefits of a sitz bath! With the portable sitz baths for hemorroides available today, you can easily have multiple sitz baths a day without wasting time and water.


Benefits of sitz baths


Now that you know how sitz baths became the portable dreams that they are today, you may be wondering what benefits sitz baths offer. Can’t you just take a simple shower and reap the same rewards instead? Eh, not quite.


Sitz baths work by submerging your nether regions in warm water. They are generally used for 10-15 minutes per session and immerse your bottom in water as opposed to showers that don’t have the same reach. Even better, when sitz baths are paired with Epsom salt for hemorrhoids, the healing effects are amplified. That’s why products such as Soothic’s sitz bath soak packed with magnesium Epsom salt, essential oils and Tasmanian Ducane kunzea continue to fly off the shelves given the relief they provide. When used for 10-15 minutes at a time up to three times a day, sitz baths have the following benefits:


Sitz bath for hemorrhoids


Hemorrhoids are swollen veins in your anus and lower rectum that can be incredibly difficult to deal with. They can quickly become angry and irritated, making sitting down and just living life uncomfortable and painful. Sitz baths provide much-needed relief to the pain and itching caused by hemorrhoids. They work by increasing blood flow to your bottom which helps the affected areas relax and heal. You can also use a sitz bath soak that contains Epsom salt for hemorrhoids to further heal these pesky lumps. Instead of relying on expensive creams that can further irritate an already delicate area, sitz baths act as a natural alternative for hemorrhoid treatment and relief.


Sitz bath postpartum care


Postpartum is a delicate period for every woman who has birthed a child. You’re revelling in newborn bliss, dealing with a severely reduced amount of sleep and doing your best to heal from one of the most incredible experiences your body has ever been through. New mamas will know postpartum isn’t exactly a phase in life that gives the gift of free time, so healing practices need to be speedy, relaxing, and fuss-free. That’s why so many health practitioners recommend taking a sitz bath at home to heal childbirth-related injuries such as tearing, stitches and general soreness. There’s no better feeling than relaxing in a postpartum bath that gives you 10-15 minutes of alone time while knowing your bits are being healed at the same time. Instead of wasting time drawing a long bath you probably won’t have time to enjoy, using a sitz bath for toilet seat is a great way to soothe your perineum without all the hassle involved. For even better results, you can also take an Epsom salt sitz bath filled with a sitz bath soak created specifically for mamas in the postpartum period.


Sitz bath for anal fissures


There’s no gentle way to put it - anal fissures can be incredibly painful. Anal fissures are tears or ulcers that line the anus. They usually occur after passing a hard or large stool during a bowel movement. They can cause bleeding and are downright terrible to deal with. Sitz baths can be hugely beneficial for anal fissures, helping relax muscle spasms brought on by the fissure. When these muscles are relaxed, it promotes healing and comfort to an otherwise uncomfortable area.


Benefits of using a sitz bath


You’ve really not got anything to lose. Invest in a sitz bath and sitz bath soak today to give your bits the love and care they deserve. Taking a sitz bath at home not only helps you heal, but it also gives you 10-15 minutes of peace and quiet so you can relax your affected muscles. This affordable and convenient healing method is perfect for those short on time who don’t want the fuss of a difficult assembly. Soothic’s sitz baths and sitz bath soaks are the answer your bottom has been crying out for. Purchase yours by clicking here today!