When it comes to enjoying a sitz bath, new moms do have options. A sitz bath is a really simple way to comfort and soothe with self-care and learning how to do a sitz bath is a simple process.

Sitz baths can be enjoyed in a few different ways, each with their own benefits when it comes to soothing, comfort, and relief. 3 simple ways new moms can enjoy a sitz bath are:

1. Warm sitz bath – A warm sitz bath is the most popular method. Learning how to do a sitz bath this way is simple. It involves filling the portable bath with warm water while it’s affixed to the toilet, sitting down for a comforting soak for around 15-20 minutes, slowly getting up, and then gently drying off. To empty the sitz bath unit, just tip the water to empty the unit into the toilet bowl. A warm sitz bath offers a relaxing experience new moms really appreciate for a little self-care.

2. Cool sitz bath – While a sitz bath can be enjoyed warm, it’s also enjoyed cool by some new moms. To set up a cool sitz bath simply follow the same steps as a warm sitz bath, but instead of filling the portable unit with warm water switch to cool water instead. Make sure the water isn’t uncomfortably or dangerously cold; it should feel cool on the skin but not cold enough that you feel compelled to remove yourself from it. New moms who want a soothing experience might opt for a cool sitz bath over warm.

3. Sitz bath with soak – A sitz bath can be taken with water alone, or some sitz soak can be added for an extra comforting benefit. Sitz soaks often contain ingredients that are nourishing and soothing to the skin just to give the bath experience a small yet noticeable boost. A sitz bath with sitz soak typically works best in a warm sitz bath, as the warm water is more effective in making sure the soak fully dissolves.

New moms might have a preference in the type of sitz bath they like, or they can switch it up as their needs or wants dictate. Trying different types of soaking experiences is a great way to see which works best for you and which might be most beneficial at different times.

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