Whether you’re expecting, or a loved one is expecting, a postpartum care kit is a must. This kit will be full of products that help new moms to carry out a little much-needed self-care.

The average postpartum care kit might include a donut pillow, ice packs, lip balm, disposable wash cloths, over the counter pain reducers, disposable panties, a peri-bottle, and a sitz bath kit. A Soothic Sitz Bath Soak and portable sitz bath is a welcome addition to any postpartum recovery kit for a few key reasons. 3 reasons to add a Soothic Sitz Bath Soak to your postpartum kit are:

1. Improves blood flow to affected areas – The perineal area goes through quite a bit of trauma during childbirth, which often leads to swelling, itching, pain, and general inflammation. Sitting in a warm sitz bath with Soothic Sitz Bath Soak can help to promote healthy blood flow to the area, which promotes healing and healthy relaxation in the region.

2. Made with all natural ingredients – When pampering delicate skin after childbirth, it’s important to know just what is in the product you’re using. New moms get very used to looking carefully at ingredient lists, making sure products are gentle, natural, and a good fit for sensitive skin. Soothic Sitz Bath is made with all natural ingredients, making it an ideal choice for new moms and all skin types.

3. Keeps the area clean – When taking a soak with Soothic Sitz Bath Soak in a clean sitz bath, you’re not just providing yourself with relief and soothing, but you’re keeping the area clean as well. Keeping the region clean can help to lower risk of infection, particularly when stitches or tears in the skin are involved. Keeping your sitz bath clean between uses is crucial to high quality and safe postpartum soaks.

Why A Postpartum Care Kit?

New moms are overwhelmed with love, care, and sometimes stress when they first bring home baby. They’re taking care of their changing bodies, while also taking care of and bonding with their new little ones. A postpartum care kit is an excellent gift for any new mom to remind her that it’s equally important to take care of herself in these exciting times. Soothic Sitz Bath Soak is a pampering and useful gift to include in such an important self-care package.

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